Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Martha Stewart's "Freedom" Poncho

Well, we've started the Poncho Crochet Along in my Crochet Forum! I've chosen to do the Martha "Freedom" poncho since I liked it when I saw her get on that plane. I'm doing the Lion Brand's version of the poncho in their Homespun yarn. The color is called Baroque, and it's more of a plum purple color....not as purpley as the picture looks.

This pattern is a very easy pattern and I'm really enjoying working on it. I've worked with homespun yarn before and thought it was difficult to work with, but I've noticed, doing this poncho, if you make your stitches loose enough, it's alot easier to deal with.

Along with this poncho, I am still working on my friend's Vintage Popcorn Granny Afghan. I'm also working on (though not as much as the other projects) the afghan stitch baby afghan. I really haven't gotten too far on that since I've been concentrating mostly on the poncho and popcorn afghan.

The Learn Crochet Now Line of Videos is doing very well. There are alot of people that want to learn the art of crochet and it looks like (from what customers have written back) I have many more crochet addicts joining me..LOL The videos are available by download, CD's and DVD's. If you want to learn crochet, check out the Video Selection

Well, back to my poncho :)


Blogger Gina said...

Hello Crochet Happy; just wanting to say hey! Cool blog--stay happy!

2:12 PM  
Blogger TastyKeish said...


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Blogger Bubbles, Ink. said...

I hate Martha. When she takes over for Trump on Apprentice, the contestants will have the biggest upper hand over her commentary/decisions: "yea, but at least I'm not a convicted fucking felon with time spent in prison."

ha! Martha is a swine!

6:56 AM  

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